Galaxy S11 ‘Final’ Design Reveals Stunning New Camera Design

Truculent (if famously accurate) industry insider, Steve Hemmerstoffer (aka @OnLeaks) has now revealed what he understands to be the ‘final configuration’ of the Galaxy S11’s stunning new quad-camera. 

Noting that his previous renders were “based upon a first stage prototype”, Hemmerstoffer has now the revealed massive rectangular camera hump of the Galaxy S11 will indeed feature a square telephoto lens (expected to house a 48MP sensor with 5x optical zoom which gives the unit its ‘Hubble’ codename) alongside primary (108MP), wide-angle (48MP) and time-of-flight (ToF) sensors. 

With Samsung also expected to launch the Galaxy S11 earlier than ever before, 2020 will start with a bang. 

Samsung is making the Galaxy S11 range even larger with three new screen sizes: the 6.4-inch Galaxy S11, 6.7-inch Galaxy S11+ and 6.9-inch Galaxy S11 5G.

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